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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Clubhouse South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa

South Coast Plaza Mall
(714) 708-2582


My wife and I decided to go out for a casual dinner for my birthday. We were planning on going out to an upscale dinner with my family later so we just wanted someplace nice but “not too pricey.” We thought about it for a while and finally settled on The Clubhouse in South Coast Plaza.

We headed over for an early dinner around 5:30 PM. When we walked through the front doors, we were greeted by a friendly host and were immediately seated in a very large comfortable booth. We looked over our menu and were immediately greeted by our waitress as she took our drink order. My wife saw an Oatmeal Cookie martini on the menu that looked good so she ordered one. She said the martini was pretty good, but thought it was a little too sweet.

For dinner I decided to order the 20 oz Prime Rib ($34.00, also available in 10 oz for $24.00 or 14 oz. For $28.00). I ordered the Prime Rib because I was so disappointed in the Prime Rib I had at Wilhelm’s chophouse not too long ago. My wife decided to order the Vodka Pasta ($17.00). After the waitress took our order, she brought us some freshly baked sourdough bread. The bread was fantastic with a warm fluffy center and a nice crispy crust. Our food arrived fairly quickly.

My prime rib was really a sight to be seen. A gigantic slice of meat was placed before me with red skinned mashed potatoes, straight horseradish and au jus. The slab of prime rib was at least 2 inches thick. I eagerly sliced it up and placed some in my mouth. It was very tender and juicy. However, I felt that it could have been seasoned a little more. I added a little salt and it tasted fantastic. Yummy. The mashed potatoes though were just so-so.

My wife really enjoyed her Vodka Pasta. It was made with penne pasta served with a spicy tomato garlic cream sauce and roasted red peppers. She liked that the pasta was creamy, but didn’t feel to heavy or greasy. She said the sauce was tasty but nice and light. She also really enjoyed the roasted red peppers and said that it added a lot of flavor to the pasta.

Overall the food here was great and the service was top notch. I think that most of the prices at The Clubhouse are fairly reasonable, but you feel like you’re dining at a much more expensive restaurant. I really enjoy eating at The Clubhouse and I look forward to eating here again soon.

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ChristianZ said...

Happy Birthday!

Angela said...

Club House is really good. If you have AAA membership, it's 15% off.

Griffin said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

What a great tip! I never knew that the Clubhouse offered a AAA discount!