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Friday, April 17, 2009

Strike - Tustin

The District at Tustin Legacy
(Jamboree Road & Barranca Parkway)
2405 Park Avenue
Tustin, CA 92782
Tel: (714) 258-BOWL (2695)

I was recently in the Tustin District with J and S running some errands around lunchtime. We were looking at the directory trying to find something to eat. After some discussion, we decided to eat at Strike. Strike is a bowling alley that has a rock and bowl environment all the time. There is a dining room and bar inside as well as an arcade. There are waitresses that will serve you in the dining room or directly at the bowling lanes. We weren't there to bowl, we were jut there to eat. We found a nice table in the mostly empty dining room.

We looked over the menu and found your average american fare. I decided to order the Bacon Cheeseburger ($9.45) medium rare. J ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich ($9.25) and S ordered the Chicken Strips Appetizer ($9.25).

We waited about 20 minutes for our food. We were one of only three tables occupied in the dining room, but there were many people ordering food in the bowling lanes. Our food arrived and I cut into by burger. I was shocked! It was actually cooked medium rare, just like I ordered it. It is very uncommon for me to actually receive my burger the way I order it in a restaurant. More often than not I will receive a well done burger no matter how I order it. I was very pleased to find some pink in my burger. The burger itself was pretty good. It was a tad bland but much better than many other restaurant burgers. I would definitely order this again.

J liked her buffalo chicken sandwich pretty well and thought that it was pretty spicy. Her sandwich had two fried chicken breasts, covered in hot sauce and melted cheese. It was also served with fries and bleu cheese dressing.

S said that her chicken strips were nothing special. She said they reminded her of chicken strips from McDonalds. She felt that they were a little overpriced for what she got. I would have to agree. She got 4 chicken strips, with one of them being smaller than the other 3. $9.25 seems like a lot to pay for this. If they are going to charge this much, they should give you more chicken strips or at least some fries or something. I think $5.99 seems like a more appropriate price for this.

Overall Strike seems like a great place to get a casual meal. You can eat there while bowling or just when you want a casual meal. The environment is fun even if you're not bowling. It's kind of like eating at Dave and Busters. I will definitely come back and eat here sometime again. I may even do some bowling next time....

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1 comment:

Chubbypanda said...

I wish my wife liked to bowl. Still haven't had a chance to check Strike out.