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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New KFC Fiery Grilled Wings

After seeing the commercials all the time for KFC's Fiery Grilled Wings, I finally decided I had to try them. I went down to KFC the other day for lunch. An order of 5 grilled wings was $3.99. I wasn't sure that 5 little wings would be enough for lunch so I also ordered their special 6 piece chicken (drums and thighs)for $5.00.

I got home and popped open the box. Inside were 5 small darkly colored wings. I picked one up and took a bite. The flavor was pretty good and the wings were actually a little spicier than their regular hot wings. I still didn't find them to be that spicy though. For someone that doesn't like a huge amount of spice, these would probably be perfect. Since these wings are grilled instead of fried, I thought they wouldn't be that good, but I actually liked these wings more than I thought I was going to.

The only problem I have with these wings are the price. I find it hard to pay $3.99 for 5 tiny wings when I can get 6 full pieces of fried chicken for $5.00. I would get these again, but only if they cut the price in half.

Nutritional Info for one (1) grilled wing:

Calories 70
Calories from fat 35
Fat Grams 4
Saturated Fat Grams 1
Sodium 200mg

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Admin said...

KFC's Fiery Grilled Wings look like, well, neither. Not only are they not spicy (as per your description), but they appear to be baked given the small amount of char.

Griffin said...

I don't really know how they cook their "grilled" chicken, but I would also bet that they are baked in some kind of oven.

Eatatoc said...

I definitely like the grilled chicken better than the fried chicken. Grilled chickens are in smaller pieces for some reasons.

Music SE said...

Well, they do not look very tasty. But i'll trust your taste and try them. Thanks.