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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thai Fuzion Sauce

I recently received a free sample of Caprine's Cuisine Thai Fuzion Sauce in the mail. I like to help promote small, local companies that produce a good product, so I thought I'd let you all know about this sauce.

Thai Fuzion is described by Caprine's Cuisine as an exotic dipping sauce that can awaken any food. I first tasted the sauce by itself, straight off of a spoon. The sauce has a great fresh, clean flavor with a good amount of spice. This is not a sauce for people that aren't able to handle a little heat. The flavors that stand out the most in this sauce are Thai chiles, lime and cilantro. Later in the day I poured a generous amount of the sauce on to a block of cold tofu. What a delicious after dinner snack!

If you're a fan of hot sauce and Thai flavors, I would definitely recommend that you try this sauce.

Retail Price $4.99-$5.99 for a 5.5 oz bottle. Available at the following OC retailers:

Gelson's Markets
Pacific Ranch Market-Orange
Promelis-Newport Beach
Marbella Farmers Market-San Juan Capistrano
Plowboys-Fountain Valley
The Meat House-Costa Mesa
Farm to Market-San Juan Capistrano


Alexis said...

Thai Fusion is the best hot sauce I've ever had. Also Caprine Cuisine came out with a mild version for people that cannot handle the heat. I received a free bottle of the mild version from their facebook account and let me just say that the mild version taste as great at the spicy one. I definitely recommend everyone to run to your store to buy the best sauce ever :)

Irene said...

If you love flavor - Thai Fuzion sauce should be a staple in your pantry. We had a taste test on MetroLink with Thai noodles and the noodles popped with flavor. I marinated shrimp kabobs on the grill and it woke up the flavors of the onions, tomatoes, Zucchini and the shrimp. It turns meats and sauces into a venture of exploration that is an added addition to lots of dishes.

Your Dude said...

Thai Fuzion is an exotic dipping sauce that can awaken any food. Dip your wontons, egg rolls, gyoza, noodles, rice, pizza, sushi and more to experience a celebration in your mouth. Also, use Thai Fuzion as a sauce for hot wings, shrimp cocktail, tofu, chicken, beef, seafood and even vegetables. jogos de motos