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Friday, January 18, 2008

Albatros Mexican Food

23591 Rockfield Blvd. #G
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Across from the Captain Creams Shopping Center, facing the north side of The Hat

I recently visited the brand new Albatros Mexican Food in Lake Forest. Although they have a bird on their sign, I got the impression that they were trying to make people think that they were an "Albertos". This place is tucked away in a tiny strip mall. The location has had so may different tenants recently that I didn't think that anyplace could survive here. Until now.

I went to Albatros with high hopes and wasn't disappointed. I have only tried one item so far, the carne asada burrito ($3.50), but I was really impressed at both the quality of the burrito and the cost. I watched as the cook took a large portion of fresh beef and threw it on the grill. The small pieces of beef quickly cooked with a few tosses of his spatula. The cook then threw a giant flour tortilla on the grill, removed it and put some oniony guacamole on it and then filled the tortilla with the beef and rolled it. No rice, no beans, just meat and guacamole. An all meat burrito for $3.50? Unheard of! It was also actually so large that I couldn't even finish the whole thing! The meat was tender, but a little under seasoned for my tastes. I would have liked a little more of a citrusy flavor. It wasn't bad at all though. Their salsa was very watery and not very spicy. Another guy from my office got their carnitas burrito. It too was all meat and guacamole, and he enjoyed it very much as well. I look forward to returning to Albatros soon to try their other menu items like Tortas ($2.75 ham, beef, chicken, chorizo-$3.00 carne asada, carnitas) Tacos ($1.90-$2.25) Enchiladas($3.40) and more. I hope they don't raise their prices soon though. I can't believe how cheap some of their stuff is!

UPDATE 1/25/2008

I visited Albatros for lunch again today. This time I tried their Al Pastor burrito. Again, I felt the meat was pretty good, but under seasoned. My friend got the carne asada burrito and felt that it was under seasoned as well. The meat is cooked fresh in front of you, so that's good. I just wish they would season their food a little more. The word about this place seems to be getting around though. The first time I went there it took them less than 5 minutes to make my food. This trip it took them a little more than 15 minutes due to the large amount of people there. I guess that's the price you pay for freshly made food. Al Pastor Burrito

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! albatro's has theeeee! best food everyone shouold try it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing there is the Pollo Asado... its almost like something I can get in SD

Griffin said...

Thanks for the info Brandon. I'll have to try the pollo asado next time I'm there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One word CALIFORNIA BURRITO!!!!!<3 oh wait make that two i was to distracted to notice duE to my mouth watering all over my keyboard.thier food is so delectable and zeasty with just the right amout of transfat and diabetise!! But any anyways i still love it and so does my wallet. I will be sure to come agin!! Oh yea and miguel campoy says that the taquitos with guacamole is the best and if you dont belive him he says ur an azza!! (not a bad word) and betin campoy says that they have the biggest tortillas he has ever laids his eyes upon!! - Yours truly Dj CCampoy (P.S- Albatros's #1 customer!!!!)