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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mr. Wok Lake Forest

22421 #G, El Toro Road at Trabuco
Lake Forest, CA 92630

23647 #D, El Toro Road at Rockfield
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Mr. Wok is a fairly new restaurant at El Toro Road and Rockfield. They have another location further up the street, and I do not know how old that location is. Mr. Wok is a typical style fast food Chinese joint. Large portions of pre-made fast food are scooped out of steam trays and piles into a styrofoam box. A one item combo will run you $4.99 and a two item will set you back $5.99. It's really hit or miss at this place. I find their barbeque pork, fried rice and chow mein to be excellent by fast food standards. However, two other people from my office did not care for the chow mein. I think their barbecue pork is fantastic and their tangerine beef (not pictured) was decent, but a little cold. I was very disappointed with their broccoli beef though. The meat was pale and flavor was definitely lacking.

Something else that I enjoyed was their fried wontons. There was not a ton of meat in them, but at 12 pieces for $2.50, I wasn't complaining. If you're craving Chinese food, don't have a lot of time and you're in the area, Mr. Wok is definitely a place you should check out. It's not worth making a special trip for though.

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