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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dave & Busters Irvine

71 Fortune Drive
Suite 960
Irvine , CA 92618


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Most people think of Dave & Buster’s as just a place to go play video games and grab a few drinks. Everybody passes the restaurant on the way to the midway arcade, but most people I know have never stopped to eat. This is their mistake. I have eaten at Dave & Buster’s many times and I have never been disappointed in my meal. They are constantly updating their menu and introducing new meals that I am always anxious to try.

Recently, my buddy and I headed down to Dave and Buster’s for lunch to take advantage of a special they were having. They were offering free billiards with the purchase of lunch. We walked up to the front desk, stated our intentions and were escorted to a pool table by a friendly member of the staff. He racked the balls for us, handed us a couple menus and wished us a good meal.

We looked over our menus during our first game of 8-ball. For lunch here I usually order a burger or a sandwich but since we were playing pool and using a bunch of chalk and such, I decided it was best to order something that didn’t necessitate me eating with my hands. I spotted something right away. I’ve seen it on the menu many times but I’ve never ordered it. Today for some reason it seemed to jump out at me. Lacy’s Chicken ($7.99* for lunch)-A grilled chicken breast covered with Boursin cheese and peppercorn sauce. It was served with loaded mashed potatoes and green beans. I guess my buddy wasn’t thinking about the fact that his hands were covered in chalk, so he ordered the Buffalo Bar Chicks (Mini buffalo chicken sandwiches-$8.99*).

Our food arrived very quickly and it looked absolutely delicious. I dove right in. The chicken was grilled perfectly and wasn’t dry at all. The creamy boursin cheese on top was fantastic and the peppercorn sauce added an explosion of flavor. The loaded mashed potatoes were filled with bacon, cheese and sour cream. They were perfect when eaten together with the chicken. The green beans were pretty standard and maybe a little chewy, but I still ate them all.

My buddy dusted some chalk off his hands and grunted something about wishing he had ordered something he didn’t have to eat with his hands. He said that the buffalo chicken sandwiches were “ok” but felt they were a little too tangy. He also thought they were served to him a little luke-warm. I tried a small piece of his chicken and disagreed. It may have been a little cold, but I thought the tangyness was right on. I thought the chicken was so good that I told myself that this would be what I ordered the next time I return.

Overall I was very happy with my meal. Dave & Buster’s has once again proved to me that not only are they a place to drink and play overpriced video games, but it’s a great place to get a good meal for a reasonable price. I can’t wait to return again to hopefully try something new and get some of my old favorites. Some of my favorite food items are the Philadelphia Steak Rolls, the Potato Skins, the Firehouse Buffalo Wings and the Hot Sugared Donut Holes. I’m making myself hungry now……I think I’m gonna go eat.

*Prices may be slightly off. I’m trying to recall them from memory

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