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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philly's Best-Foothill Ranch

26612 Towne Center Drive
Foothill Ranch, CA
Various Locations around California

Philly’s Best is a Philly Cheesesteak shop that boasts that all of their ingredients, even the meat, come straight from Philadelphia. They feature a lot of brands that are supposedly popular in Philadelphia like Amoroso’s rolls, Tastykakes, Wise Chips, Frank’s Soda, PA Dutch Birch Beer and Taylor Pork Roll. I guess getting all these ingredients direct from Philly makes the difference, because the cheesesteaks from here are delicious.

I went down to Philly’s Best with a friend of mine for lunch the other day. As I walked in to the restaurant, I saw a sign in their window that read, “It’s back! Try the Pepperoni Cheesesteak!” “OK!” I said. After I finished explaining to my friend why I was talking to a sign, I told him I had to try this pepperoni cheesesteak. He agreed that it looked good and decided to order one for himself as well.

We placed our order and watched as the man behind the greasy glass partition assembled our order. He threw some paper-thin steaks on the grill and chopped them up into little pieces as they cooked. He covered the steak with grilled onions and white American cheese and scooped it all up into a roll he had lined with pepperoni.

We sat down with our steaming hot cheesesteaks and stared at them with bated breath. I admired the sandwich from all angles, picked it up and took a bite. I burned the crap out of my mouth. Holy cow was this sandwich hot! I waited a minute, cooled off my mouth with some soda and took another bite. The sandwich was very good. I thought it needed a little more flavor though so I added some salt and some Old Bay Seasoning that they had. It made all the difference. The only bad part about this sandwich was that the steak and onions were so full of flavor, that you could barely taste the pepperoni. It was almost as if the pepperoni wasn’t there at all. In the future I think I’ll just go for the plain cheesesteak. I’ll save myself some fat and calories and the sandwich will taste just as good.

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DanGarion said...

I've seen that Philly's Best a number of times when we go to the movies over there, but have never tried it out. I've seen the pepperoni cheesesteak, but I just like my nice and normal. I've had that same issue with the meat being extremely hot more then once. And lastly I love that old bay seasoning I usually use it when I got the Santa Ana PB.

Diamond Dog said...

Does anyone besides me think that cheesesteaks are one of the most over rated foods? They are not bad, but not as great as what everyone else makes them out to be.

Other over rated foods:

Clam Chowder in a bread bowl

Ahi Tartar towers for appetizers

The chilled seafood assortment platter at any really expesnive steak house


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Anything with Angel Hair Pasta

Wasabi mashed potatoes

Sweet Potato Fries

Chocolate Martini's

DanGarion said...

@diamond dog
I don't know man I could eat them just about everyday. Of course I say that because I don't.

Huangshan said...

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