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Friday, September 5, 2008

Jack in the Box - Breakfast Bowls and Cinnamon Rolls

It seems like every time I walk in or drive through a Jack in the Box, there are signs touting a new menu item. The newest additions to the Jack in the Box breakfast menu are two new breakfast bowls and a Cinnamon Roll. I went down there today and got one of each. The breakfast bowls ($2.99) come in both "Hearty" and "Denver" varieties. The Hearty breakfast bowl comes with hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and shredded cheese. It is then all covered with a white cheese sauce. The Denver bowl has hash brown strips, scrambled eggs, ham, bell peppers, shredded cheese and white cheese sauce. I ordered the Denver bowl without the bell peppers.

Hearty Bowl
Calories: 779.6
Fat: 60.3 g

Denver Bowl:
Calories: 719.5
Fat: 53 g

Cinnamon Roll
Fat: 18.9 g

The bowls start with a layer of hash brown sticks on the bottom. The next layer is scrambled eggs that are reminiscent of eggs from a hotel breakfast bar. They then sprinkle on a little bit of meat and cheese and then cover it all with the cheese sauce. The bowls were ok, but nothing spectacular. Without the cheese sauce, they would be really dry. I think I would rather consume less fat and calories by having a Sausage McMuffin and Hash Browns from McDonalds. The cinnamon roll was quite good. It was warm, gooey and very cinnamony. It might also be a little too sweet. Unfortunately, the cinnamon roll gets cold really fast and quickly becomes dry and hard. If you buy this, make sure to eat it right away.

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Diamond Dog said...

I went to a party once and drank too much. I puked in a black toilet. It kinda looked like those pictures.

I can't see these new menu items taking off. Looks like a cross between dog food (canned), my toilet after I drink too much and puke in it, and afterbirth

Griffin said...

Yay! Diamond Dog returns! I was getting a little worried about you! I'm sure you'd be glad to know that you were a topic of discussion at the Food Buzz dinner a few weeks ago. I'm sure you'll also find it funny that some food bloggers are scared of you! hahahhahaha! Thanks for the colorful toilet imagery!

Diamond Dog said...

scared? Why? I don't think I have ever been mean to anyone. What were they talking about? I hope no one takes anything I say personally. The only people that should be scared is Cest La Vie after they treated you so poorly. And I notified over a h udnred people who notified other people. Also I don't post in too many people's food blogs.

Sorry I didn't post in your other posts recently. The food just didn't seem that interesting or unique so I didn't know what to say.

NOt to brag, but I am in the foodservice industry and eat all over the place. So I am pretty good at determining good/authentic food.

Griffin said...

I don't know why they were scared DD. One of the female bloggers was afraid that you were going to say something mean to her one day, even though you've never said anything mean to her in the past. I just laughed at her. lol

elmomonster said...

I had this yesterday. Had a coupon and used it. I think I might have even gone to the sams JIB as you. I found it is a lot better when you take it home, share it with one other person, eat it like a dip for tortilla chips and most important, DOUSE IT IN TABASCO.

Griffin said...

Yes Elmo. I'm sure we go to the same JIB. I would say that I will try it with Tabasco next time, but I don't think I'll be buying it again...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you reveiwed these... the pictures look so yummy(not yours but the actual pictures Jack in the Box uses)
Griffin... I MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

You guys are all nuts! Of course there is nothing that can top a hearty breakfast prepared at home.....but this is fast food. As far as the fast food breakfasts go, the new Breakfast Bowls are the most incredible tasting items I have ever gotten from a fast food menu. I strongly suggest these to anyone who occasionally does a fast food breakfast from Mcd's, Burger King, J in the B, or anywhere. They are the Best!