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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tustin Pizza Company

Tustin Pizza Co.
13842 Newport Ave # B
Tustin, CA 92780-7802
(714) 838-1944

I recently had a craving for pizza and I had a coupon for Tustin Pizza Company, so I decided to give it a shot. I ordered one large pizza with pepperoni and garlic on one half and bacon and jalapeno on the other half ($10.50 for pizza + $1.75 for each topping-$14.00 total). I also decided to get a bavarian cream dessert pizza that they call a "sweetzah pie" for $3. I got a free order of toasted ravioli for checking in on Facebook.

The toasted ravioli weren't bad. They were just your basic frozen appetizer, served with a side of marinara.

The pizza was of a decent size and had plenty of toppings. The bacon was actually large pieces of bacon instead of bacon bits. There was also a generous helping of garlic on the pepperoni side. The pizza was very good. The crust was of medium thickness and was chewy on the inside, but crusty on the outside. I thought the crust was nearly perfect, but V thought it was a little too chewy. The sauce had a nice tangy flavor and was not overly sweet like a lot of pizza places. The cheese was the perfect texture as well.

The dessert pizza was not as good as I expected it to be. It was basically pizza dough with a thick pudding on top that tasted really artificial. I might try their raspberry flavor sometime since they are only $3, but I will not get this bavarian cream one again

Overall I really enjoyed the pizza from Tustin Pizza Co. I will definitely be getting pizza from here in the future. I think I will stick to just the pizza though and pass on the appetizers and dessert.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have ordered from the Tustin Pizza Company for years. My pizza and other ordered items, have always been delicious.

However, due to poor customer service from , Zachary Gauch, my experience has been tainted. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

I ordered a large peperoni pizza, double cheese, with potatoe wedges. Simpler order? Not for this company.

Our pizza was delivered burned, black. When I called to report the error, I was told three times I could "trade" my pizza in for a new one. Trade? Why would I want a burned pizza? I don't appreciate the condescending attitude.

Zachary: " I have to wait for my driver to get back. I have other pizza's waiting to be delivered. I will have your pizza for you to "trade" in, out in about forty minutes."

Me: " We have company over, we already waited forty minutes and we purchased wings, and have movies ready to go. Is there any way to get this pizza out here sooner ?"

Zachary: " I can't make my other customer's wait because you need a replacement pizza."

Me: "That's really great customer service."

Zachary: pause.... "..... So do you still want the pizza?"

Me: disgruntled......... "Yes"

My girlfriend felt this turnaround was unacceptable. Feeling she could appeal to the humanity of the manager, she called the store.

K: Hi, can I have the phone number to your corporate office?"

Zachary: We are not a corporation."

K: " May I speak with the manager?"

Zachary: "There is not a manager here."

K: " Ok, can I speak with whoever is above you?"

Zachary: "There is no one here above me. "

K: " Can I have the number for the owner?"

Zachary: " I am not allowed to give that information out."

K: " Can I give you my number, and can you have the owner call me?"

Zachary: Took down the phone number

..............Time elapses, Zachary calls my phone.

Zachary:" Hello, can I speak with K?"

K: " Hello."

Zachary: " I called the owner and he said , I handled the situation correctly and he is not going to call you. I have customer's waiting in the lobby. I can't spend anymore time on you."
Zachary hung up the phone.