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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jersey Mike's Subs-Laguna Woods/Laguna Hills

24365 El Toro Road #A
Laguna Woods, CA 92637


A brand new Jersey Mike’s Sub shop opened near my office yesterday. I decided to head down there today to check it out. Jersey Mike’s boasts over 300 locations nationwide, but they have just started expanding into Orange County.

I walked into Jersey Mike’s and the place was packed. The crowd was due to many different factors. This was the second day that they were open, coupons for free and discounted sandwiches had been distributed all over, and Jersey Mike’s takes longer to make a sandwich than your average shop. They take longer to make a sandwich because they freshly slice all of the meat and cheese for every sandwich. This can take an almost unbearably long time if you order a sandwich that has a few different meats and cheeses in it.

The menu at Jersey Mike’s looks like the menu at any typical sandwich shop. After looking over the menu I decided to order the Italian sub ($7.75 for a regular size). Unless otherwise requested, all the subs here come “Mike’s Way” which means with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil blend and spices. The Italian sub comes with provolone, ham, proscuittini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni. That’s six different ingredients, or six different times I had to watch the guy making my sandwich walk back and forth between the deli case and the slicer. After the meat and cheese is laid down on the bread, some onions, a giant mound of lettuce and a few tomatoes are placed on top. The whole sandwich is then doused with a generous portion of oil and vinegar. Some herbs are sprinkled on top and the sandwich is sliced in half. I asked for pepperocinis to be added to mine.

I took my sandwich back to my office and unwrapped it on my desk. It was an oily mess. They put so much oil on the sandwich that it leaked out and covered the whole exterior of the sandwich with oil. I eagerly took a bite and was immediately disappointed. I thought that since Jersey Mike’s took the time to freshly slice their meat, that this would be a superior sandwich. In fact, it was a little bland. The meat was lacking in flavor and I mostly tasted lettuce. Don’t get me wrong, it was a decent sandwich. It just didn’t blow me away like I thought it was going to. The sandwich was an average sandwich but had an above average price. If I had to choose between an Italian sub from Jersey Mike’s or Quizno’s, I think I’d have to take the Quizno’s sandwich.


6/27/08-I went to Jersey Mike's again for lunch today because I had a coupon for a free sub. This time I decided to try their Pastrami Reuben ($7.75 for a regular). I ordered it with mustard instead of the thousand island dressing it usually comes with. This sandwich was much better than their Italian sub. Juicly pastrami was smothered in lots of sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese. I wolfed down the entire sandwich in just a few minutes. This Reuben was definitely a good sandwich, but I still think that $7.75 for a standard size sandwich is a little pricey. I think if I'm going to spend that much on a sandwich, I'd rather go get a super premium sandwich at Cornerstone Cafe. The line was also still very long and slow. It took me nearly 30 minutes to get my sandwich today.

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Diamond Dog said...

Over 7 bucks for that thing seems like a lot of money. Sorry you have hit some bad places lately. I HATE it when I spend money on a bad meal. I only get so many meals in my lifetime, so I want them to count!

Griffin said...

Diamond Dog-
I do believe that over $7 is alot for a sandwich. Unfortunately, that's how much sandwiches are starting to cost at many shops. Yes Quizno's and Subway are now running $5 sub promotions, but once the promotion expires their sandwiches are still expensive. Last I checked, the regular price on a Quizno's Italian sub was somewhere around $8 as well.

Also, this sandwich wasn't horrible. It just wasn't "great."

DanGarion said...

Yeah 7 bucks does seem steep but that looks about the same size as a large sandwich from Togo's which I think is 6 something nowadays and since this one has the meat and cheese cut fresh I could see the premium. It's unfortunate that it was bland though, especially with how many different types of meat that were on it.

Diamond Dog said...

Two Words for you

Bahn Mi

Diamond Dog said...

Just go to Arnie's Manhattan Deli next to that gross Chinese Buffet thing you went to last week and get the Pastrami there. About the same price, sit down, awesome pickles on the table for free and less than a 30 minute wait.

Griffin said...

Thanks for the info Diamond Dog. I didn't know Arnie's was over there. I remember eating at Arnie's when it was over off Bristol. I also remember loving their free pickles!

Captain said...

That 30 minute wait in line would be the deal killer for me. I don't even like to wait 30 minutes for a f'in sandwich when I'm sitting down.

I'll stick with The Hat and Farmer Boys for my hot pastrami jones. Fast and delicious.

Diamond Dog said...

OMG!!! THE HAT!!!!With Strawberry Soda from the fountain!

Griffin said...

Captain and Diamond Dog-Yes, I do believe The Hat is one of the best paces to go for pastrami. It's a shame they don't have sauerkraut. I've never tried the strawberry soda. I'll have to try it next time I'm there. My favorite thing to eat there though has to be the gravy fries with extra cheese.....mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Jersey Mike's is amazing, the best sub around. Give it another chance.

Anonymous said...

i bet you all weigh well over 350 pounds... u fat fucks..besides, jersey mikes is sooo good. especially considering the amount of meat they put in their sandwiches when compared to other brand name sandwich shops. try the chicken caeser

Anonymous said...

the key to jersey mike's subs is to order is with Easy Juice ( oil and vinegar) and to call your order in ahead of time.. no waiting... said...

Chief along with Gemstone Dog-Yes, I truly do think The actual Cap is amongst the best paces to visit with regard to pastrami. It is a waste they do not possess sauerkraut. We've never experimented with your blood soft drinks. We'll ought to test it the very next time Now i am at this time there. My favorite factor to nibble on at this time there although needs to be your gravy fries together with further mozerella..... mmmmmmm.