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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bandera from 09/27/03

3201 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA

I recently visited Bandera for the first time after it came highly recommended by some friends. While I still value their opinions, I did not necessarily agree with them on this one. Bandera is a restaurant owned and operated by the Houston’s chain. The interior of the restaurant actually looks just like a Houston’s. Also in keeping with the Houston’s similarities, Bandera also has a very limited menu. Not only is the food menu limited, but they also have a very limited bar selection as well. They didn’t seem to have any of the spirits I requested, including some very popular brands, such as, Grey Goose Citron, Absolut Citron and Johnny Walker Black. I ended up ordering a margarita, supposedly their house specialty. It was ok, but a little pricey ($6.00) for what it was. We decided to order a skillet cornbread ($3.00) for an appetizer. The cornbread was very good. It was baked in a cast iron skillet with Ortega chilies mixed in to give it a little spice. It also had a very crispy top that was delicious. The “signature” dish here is the rotisserie chicken that they proudly display in their window that faces the street. This is what I chose to order ($13.00). The chicken had a mild Mexican flavor and came with “green rice,” which was rice with cilantro, parsley and other herbs mixed in. I didn’t really care for it. My wife ordered a vegetable platter ($12.00). Her platter included half of a grilled artichoke, a cold salad of marinated vegetables such as cauliflower and squash, roasted red peppers and green rice. She enjoyed most of her food except for the cold marinated cauliflower. Overall the food was average. The service however was quite good. Because of the limited menu and bar selection, I don’t think I would return to Bandera again. If I was in the mood to eat from a limited menu like this, I would go to the Houston’s that’s closer to my house.

Veronica’s Coffee Comment: It had a mild and smooth flavor, but it was a bit on the weak side. **** (out of 5)

Last Visit 09/27/03

Would I visit again? Probably Not

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TheBC said...

Hi Griffin,

Really enjoy your reviews! Thanks. Also, I'll give you a ring if I need a realtor.

Wow. This post was from 2003. I was wondering what Bandera's you were eating at that had a $6 Marg? Their martini's are over $12 now, I'm sure the Marg is close to that.

Complaining frugal boy aside (me), you should try them again. Their menu is still limited, but is quite well-executed. The chicken enchilada meal + add a enchilada for cheap, and a house chop salad is a meal made to share is plenty of delicious vittles. They also have complimentary corkage, which is a boon. Two can eat in their nice environment, share a bottle of wine, and escape for under $50 w/ 20+% tip. Their prime rib and beef ribs (truly excellent) are very solid choices as well.

Maybe they've improved since 2003. By the line out the door every night, I'd have to say they probably have honed their skills.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the info TheBC. If I'm in the area, I'll have to try Bandera again.