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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sapphire Laguna

The Old Pottery Place
1200 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-9888 (Sapphire Laguna restaurant)
(949) 715-9889 (Sapphire Pantry)

I have recently visited the fairly new Sapphire Laguna twice. The restaurant inhabits part of the "Old Pottery Place", off PCH in Laguna that many of us have shopped at in the past. Sapphire has both a restaurant and a deli/cheese shop. The shop is called "Sapphire Pantry". The restaurant is fairly small, and it looks like their outdoor patio may actually seat more people than the inside of the restaurant. When I first visited Sapphire, I was seated on the patio and was afraid that it might be too cold since it was around 40 degrees that night. The combination of both the outdoor heaters and the large fire pit made it quite comfortable though. They also allow dogs on the outdoor patio, so feel free to bring your little furry family member when you dine here.

Since I am a big fan of Caesar salads, I started off my first meal there with their "Caesar Fondue". This is basically a Caesar salad deconstructed. You get plenty of fresh, crisp romaine leaves covered in Parmesan shavings, a long "crouton" and a small bowl of dressing. You eat this salad by hand just as you would fondue. The salad is delicious. The Caesar dressing here is wonderful and full of flavor. I enjoyed this salad so much that I ordered it during my second visit as well.

On both of my visits to Sapphire, two weeks apart, I attempted to order the same specialty drink off of their menu. Both times I was told that the drink was not available because they had run out of the mix.

On my first visit to Sapphire, I had the Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Lobster Ravioli. The tenderloin was fantastic and melted in my mouth. The ravioli however, I was not impressed with. It just seemed to lack depth to me.

On my second visit, I opted to go with the Grilled Angus Rib-eye with the Gruyere Dauphinoise. The rib-eye steak was a little thin, but delicious. It was near perfectly seasoned and was very tender. The gruyere dauphinoise was fantastic as well. Thin sliced potatoes were coated in a mixture of cheese and cream the coated my tongue and my arteries with delight.

I skipped dessert on my first visit, but decided to give it a go on my second visit. I decided to get their warm apple cobbler with cinnamon crumble and vanilla ice cream. The dish presented to me was again fantastic. Warm, gooey apple cobbler filling was topped with huge chunks of cinnamon crumble. The ice cream on top was sadly smaller than I had hoped but still good.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed both of my visits to Sapphire Laguna and I look forward to returning again soon.

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