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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

French 75 Laguna from 12/06/03

French 75 is a very elegant French bistro in Laguna Beach. I only have one complaint about this restaurant. I dined at this restaurant in a party of five. We actually had a reservation for six, but one of us was not able to attend. When the hostess seated us, she sat us at a table that was set for four. The table was so small that four place settings could hardly fit on the table. They managed to squeeze one more place setting on to the table and added a chair to the end. It was cramped to say the least.

Upon opening the menu, I quickly realized that I wanted to order everything that the restaurant had to offer. French 75 offers a variety of French dishes for you to choose from. I ended up ordering “Everything from a duck” ($30.00) which included a seared rare duck breast, a duck leg confit and foie gras. It was absolutely delicious. My wife ordered the halibut ($29.00) and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed my food. The other selections that my party made included the pork rack ($25.00), steak and pomme frittes ($28.00) and slow roasted beef short ribs ($28.00). Everyone devoured their food happily and didn’t have a single complaint about it.

We finished off our meal by sharing two of their chocolate souffl├ęs. (These need to be ordered 20-30 minutes in advance) The souffl├ęs were wonderful, served with whipped cream, but may have benefited from being served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

The service at French 75 was 5-star and even included a separate sommelier to serve the wine. The restrooms are single stall style. My table and the restroom were up two separate staircases. Therefore, this may be a difficult place to get around for people that have trouble walking up and down stairs. Overall, aside from the cramped conditions, I had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal at French 75. I am definitely looking forward to visiting again soon to enjoy some more of their wonderful food.

Veronica’s Coffee Comment: Strong, bold coffee. Not as smooth as I would have liked **** (out of 5)

Last Visit 12/06/03

Would I visit again? I’m looking forward to it.

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