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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ikea Restaurant Costa Mesa

IKEA Orange County Costa Mesa
1475 South Coast Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 444-4532

If you're looking for good food, at cheap prices, it's really hard to beat Ikea. Most of the people that visit this mammoth furniture store, don't pay much attention to the restaurant or snack bar. This is a huge mistake. I enjoy the food here so much that I often come to the store just to eat.

The swedish meatballs here are fantastic and very reasonably priced. I could easily eat 30 meatballs in one sitting....maybe more. The last time I visited though, I wasn't that hungry so I just ordered 2 kids meals ($1.99 each). The kids meals come with 5 meatballs, french fries and a drink. I've only been asked one time if I was ordering the kids meals for myself, the sign says 12 and under. I panicked and said "No, my wife has the kids at the table."

After I finished my meatballs, I headed downstairs to the snack bar. I got two hot dogs ($0.50 each). The only two condiments they have are kethup and mustard. I think mustard only is just fine. The hot dogs are delicious. I think they're better than Wienerschnitzel.

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joy said...

Oh yes, we always eat when we go to Ikea. Those meatballs are so good! I finally got around to buying some from the store on the main floor, along with packets of the gravy, and cooked them up for a party. It was so easy (just pour the meatballs onto a tray and bake while you heat up the gravy mix in a sauce pan) and everybody loved them. Plus, it's even cheaper per serving than eating at Ikea. We even got a jar of lingonberries to go with, which was excellent.

I like the salmon dish at Ikea too. It's not the best fish, not suprisingly, but it's really good for the price.

Griffin said...

Joy- I've always wanted to buy those frozen meatballs and cook them at home, but my lazy gene always seems to kick in. You make it sound so easy though, I may just have to finally do it. I can do without the lingonberries though...

Anonymous said...

One of the best things ever is the Ikea Cinnamon Roll!!! They're only a dollar each or you can get a 6 pack for only $4. They're incredible and if you like cinnamon rolls as much as I can't leave Ikea without them. Oh...I think they sell furniture, too...but, I can't be sure!