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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lee's Sandwiches Lake Forest

23624-C El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA

29 Locations In California

Lunch for two dollars and some change? You betcha! Lee's Sandwiches is becoming the standard for cheap lunches in office buildings all over Southern California. The banh mi or Vietnamese sandwich has been around for a long time, but Lee's has successfully brought it into the mainstream.

Lee's Sandwiches serves both Vietnamese and "European" style sandwiches. Their Vietnamese sandwiches are what most people come here for. Cheap eats at it's finest. The Vietnamese sandwiches at Lee's are served on a large 10 inch baguette and start at only $2.20. The most expensive Vietnamese sandwich costs $2.70. You have your choice of many different types of meat including pate, pork roll, BBQ pork, headcheese, meatballs, sardines and more. My favorite sandwich here is the #14 Pork Roll & Pate. The Vietnamese sandwiches are served with house pickle (daikon, an asian radish & carrot), onion, fresh jalapeno peppers, cilantro, house mayonnaise, salt, pepper and soy sauce. I prefer to order mine without the house pickle and add extra cilantro and jalapenos.

For those of you that do not feel these Vietnamese sandwiches sound appealing, Lee's also offers "European" style sandwiches for prices that are much cheaper than those large chain sandwich places. European style sandwiches come served on your choice of croissant or 10 inch baguette. They offer all of the standard sandwich staples from ham to turkey to salami and cheese. European sandwiches range from $3.70 to $4.20.

The sandwiches here are great. The thing that really brings me back all the time though is their shrimp and pork egg rolls. Crispy flaky egg roll skins are wrapped around a perfect mixture of tasty pork and succulent shrimp. The flavor of black pepper permeates the meat and entices you to eat more and more. At five egg rolls for $2.50, I think this is the best value they have on their menu. I could eat these egg rolls all day, every day, but I'm sure my cardiologist would have a heart attack himself if I did.

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1 comment:

colleeeen said...

i can't go to Lee's anymore. Pho 99's banh mi is so good it has ruined Lee's for me!