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Friday, February 8, 2008

Taqueria Mexico, Orange

108 W Katella Ave Ste C
Orange, CA 92867
Phone: (714) 538-5772

I had an errand to run up in Orange today and I'm glad I did. I ran across this little taqueria that I had never been to before. Taqueria Mexico. It shares a pretty large space with a donut shop. I've seen a lot of places called "Taqueria Mexico" in my life, but I don't think it's a chain. I just think it's a common generic name for a Mexican place. I could be wrong though.

When you walk into Taqueria Mexico, you approach a counter with a glass partition. Behind the glass are steam trays full or delicious looking meats. The setup kind of reminds me of fast food chinese. You order what you want and they assemble it quickly as you watch.

I decided to sample some of their tacos so I could try as many different kinds of their meats as possible. I ordered four tacos ($0.95 each). I got carne asada, lengua, al pastor and carnitas.

The guy threw down eight mini tortillas, (two for each taco) covered them in big scoops of meat and then topped them off with onions, cilantro and hot sauce.

I sat down and squirted a little lime on all my tacos, and added a pinch of salt. I decided to try the lengua first. It was fantastic. Perfectly seasoned and tender. I moved on to the carnitas. They weren't the best I've ever had, but they were pretty damn good. The carne asada was juicy and the hot sauce complimented it well. The last taco was the al pastor. I was excited about the al pastor. They prepared it here like you might see Gyros prepared in a greek restaurant. A giant log of meat, slowly turning on a vertical spit, basting itself with it's own juices. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite meat of the four. It was good, but not fantastic.

I will definitely return to this place when I am in the area. If I'm really craving tacos, I may even make a special trip. It's so hard to find good lengua tacos these days...


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what lengua and el pastor are...

Anonymous said...

oops I mean al pastor

ChristianZ said...

Lengua is "tongue" and al pastor is kind of slow-cooked, pulled barbecue pork.

Anonymous said...

ah, okay. thanks!

Griffin said...

Christian Z said it pretty well, but I find Al Pastor to be more of a marinated grilled pork and not so much like a pulled pork

Thanks for helping out my readers!