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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Ritz Newport Beach 99 cent lunch on Tuesdays

(I did not take this photo. Photo courtesy of
880 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 720-1800

I received a tip from my brother in law. He told me that if you go to The Ritz in Newport Beach on a Tuesday, you can get lunch in the bar for only 99 cents! I was hesitant to say the least. With the reputation and regular prices at The Ritz, I would have been surprised if someone told me they had a $10 lunch special.

So today being Tuesday, I decided to head on down to The Ritz to check it out. This restaurant has valet parking only. You can probably park around the corner in the office building parking lot like I did, but I don't think you're supposed to. I walked in the heavy front door and was greeted by a hostess. I told her I was there for the bar lunch special, she smiled and pointed towards the bar. My friend and I walked into the dimly lit bar. It was only around 11:45, but the bar was already almost completely full. We were lucky though and found two empty seats way at the end of the bar. It was a tight squeeze, but we fit. There was a little plastic menu card that advertised the special of the day.

You had the choice of either Chicken Marsala or a meatball sandwich. Either choice was 99 cents and came with a small Italian salad. My friend and I both chose to get the Chicken Marsala. It is my understanding, that in order to get this cheap meal, you need to order a drink. This was not posted on the little sign though. We ordered a couple of sodas ($3.00) and eagerly awaited our meal.

The food arrived very quickly and was presented before us. It looked delicious. I started off with the salad. It was nothing special. It seemd to be bagged salad mix with some italian dressing and some red onions. I can't complain though, this salad would have cost 99 cents by itself at most places. Next I moved on to the Chicken Marsala. I thought it was wonderful. Tender pieces of chicken and mushrooms, covered in a creamy white wine sauce was smothered over buttered noodles. The portion was plenty of food, and I actually left a few bites behind. The bartender also brought us some bread and butter to go with our meal.

From what I have heard, their 99 cent lunch menu changes frequently. This was definitely the best 99 cent lunch I have ever had though. I look forward to returning again, possibly for dinner next time.

99 cent lunch available on Tuesdays only between 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM

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Bill said...

.99!!!!! awesome!
Thanks for letting me know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome tip! Thanks for the heads up!

Griffin said...

Yes it is awesome....very awesome...

You're welcome. I always love giving tips on the best places to snag a deal